Term Time Nanny

Term Time Nanny

A term time nanny is contracted to work during the school term time only. They can work a variety of hours to suit the family’s individual needs.

We supply many term time nannies every year. Families who work within schools or have term time only contracts themselves, find having a term time only nanny extremely cost effective, as you don’t pay retainer fees during the holidays.

You pay the nanny per an hour not per child, therefore many families with more than one child find a nanny more cost effective than a childminder or nursery.

We also often have a nanny on an annualised contract therefore they receive their term time pay split over 52 weeks a year saving the costs even further, as you pay less tax and national insurance on their earnings making it easier to organise your childcare budget.

An example is:

Nanny is contracted to work 39 weeks a year and is paid the same salary ever week for 52 weeks a year

Nannies net salary £7.50, nanny works 30 hours a week, total weekly cost would be £225 net or £264 gross with employer national insurance being £18, therefore a total term time weekly cost of £282 a week.

If we split the payment over 52 weeks the nanny receives the same salary but split over the whole year, therefore would receive £168.75 per week, bringing gross costs to £180 a week, plus £6 employers national insurance. This would bring the tax and national insurance saving to £1404 a year.

At Sunrise Nanny Agency we are here to fully support you through the process of having a nanny. We offer full advice on the best way to employ a nanny making this as cost effective as possible.

It is free to enquire if a term time only nanny is more cost effective for your family, so please call to discuss the options.