After School Nanny

An After School Nanny works during the afternoon. The nanny can collect the children from School or nursery and provide an educational and child centred afternoon. Their Duties normally include collecting the children from school and nursery, taking them to any after school activities, supporting them with their homework, providing dinner and even bathing the children and putting them to bed.

Many families arrange for the nanny to start before the school /nursery collection and help around the house with the children’s washing and ironing, general tidying, errands, sourcing materials for school projects and taking the dog for a walk, just to mention a few.

An After School nanny can work on a term time only basis or for the whole year. They are able to provide extra hours and duties during the school holidays and can even care for the children before school.

An After School Nanny ensures when you arrive home the children will have had a good day, a healthy well balanced meal, have done their homework and be relaxed and happy to see you.