Holiday Nanny

Many families choose to have a nanny during the school holidays.

Our holiday nannies are able to work for a few days, they can work for just one holiday period or they can work for you every holiday. They can be highly flexible on hours and can offer hours that suit you and your family. Hours can be on a part time or full time basis and they can have a temporary or permanent contract.

Children love having holiday nannies as it enables them to enjoy being in their own home, They can have their friends to play, they can play with their brothers or sister, they can go on fun adventures to the forest, beach etc, They are able to lay in the mornings, they do not have to share their nanny’s attention with other children, they can do lots of fun art and crafts and they don’t miss out on friends parties or events.

Parents love having holiday nannies as they have a huge amount of control of their child’s day, all the children can be cared for together and they will be provided with a healthy well balanced meals and snacks. Children are cared for in your home so no drop offs before work and no rushing for collections after work. You can work overtime knowing the children are safe happy and well cared for and their routine will continue. You can use salary sacrifice or tax credits to contribute towards the cost of the nanny. You can go to work knowing the children will be happy and enjoy a fun, child centred day.

At Sunrise Nanny Agency we have a range of childcare professionals looking for work during the holidays. It is free to enquire if a holiday nanny would be the right option for your family, do not hesitate in contacting us on 01202 267768 to discuss your requirements in further detail

We also have nannies available to care for your children whilst you are on holiday in Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire.