Maternity Nanny

A Maternity Nanny will be experienced and qualified in childcare with lots of experience caring for newborns. Although they have no specialist newborn training they are very capable in offering parents support and guidance with regards their newborn baby. They also have the added bonus of being a nanny so are able to care for siblings. The maternity nanny is able to take other children out allowing mum quality one to one time with baby, they can provide schools runs, do the families washing, ironing, shopping, provide care for the newborn baby and generally be an extra pair of hands.

Maternity Nannies can work on a temporary or one off basis.

Many families employ a maternity nanny to support mum after the baby with the notion of the nanny being their sole charge employee once mum returns to work therefore both mum has total trust in the professional as she has got to know her on a very personal level and the children have already built firm bonds with the nanny.

A maternity nanny’s wages vary depending on their age qualifications and experience. We recommend between £7-£10 an hour. Agency fees are £50 for one day or £70 per a week