Maternity Nurse

After becoming a mother herself, Carly the agency owner realised how little support is available for mothers and how lucky she was to have had years within the childcare industry and plenty of practice with babies. She felt that she wanted to help more families become confident with their newborns and offer a service to enable parents to receive professional 1-1 focused support to enable parents to enjoy every moment of being parents to their beautiful bundle of joy. So she increased her knowledge and experience and completed the MNT training to become a maternity nurse herself. She now has a dedicated team of childcare professionals who come to your home and support you. The team are qualified and highly experienced with newborns and previous roles have included being a midwife, nurse, maternity nurse and maternity support worker.

What is a maternity nurse?

A maternity nurse is a childcare professional who specialises in newborn care. Their role is to provide total support to mother and support in all aspects of newborn baby’s care.

What hours does the maternity nurse work?

Maternity nurses traditionally work for 24 hours a day 5-6 days a week offering rap around care for the newborn.

At Sunrise Nanny Agency we also offer maternity nurses who can come to your home for a few hours a day or just overnight.

The Main Roles of the Maternity Nurse

Support mum and baby at all times to ensure both are healthy and happy.

Support mum with feeding baby by breast or bottle, including cleaning and sterilising feeding equipment. Plus providing mum with light meals and drinks.

Establishing a manageable 24 hour routine

Provide advice and guidance on caring for a newborn baby

Helping to set and implement a good sleeping routine

Providing practical help and support with full care of the baby including winding, nappy changing, bathing, dressing/undressing

Baby’s laundry and keeping baby’s nursery clean and tidy

How much do Maternity Nurses cost.

Maternity Nurses rates vary depending on the number of babies, roles and responsibilities and maternity nurse’s qualifications and years of experience. We recommend for single babies £100-£175 per 24 hours, twins and multiples £125-£185 per 24 hours.

Daily Maternity Nurses Charge £10-£15 per an hour.

Maternity Nurses are self employed and responsible for their own tax and national insurance.

Agency Fees

Live in Maternity Nurse Rates are £70 per a week

For a daily maternity nurse we charge £25 per a day or £70 per a week

Time off for the maternity nurse

The traditional maternity nurse lives in your home and is entitled to their own room. They will often have the baby sleeping in with them at night. The maternity nurse will wake up during the night and bottle fed baby or bring baby to mum to be breast fed.

They are on call 24 hours a day and are entitled to rest periods throughout the 24 hour period enabling them to recuperate. These are taken at a mutually agreed time usually for 2-3 hours within a 24 hour period.

The maternity nurse usually has one full day off a week.

How long does the Maternity Nurse stay for?

A live in Maternity Nurse usually works for 2-12 weeks. They are very flexible and will work towards your individual requirements.

A daily Maternity Nurse can come on a one off occasion or a regular basis and offers individual packages to suit each family’s requirements.


When the Maternity Nurse leaves you will feel empowered and in control from the knowledge and support she has provided, knowing you have given your child the best start in life. To discuss your individual requirement contact us on 01202 267768 for our expect support and guidance.