Night Nanny

A Night nanny comes to your home or holiday accommodation during the evening and throughout the night. They can continue the evening routine, ensure the children go to sleep, supervise them throughout the night and even get them up in the morning and provide them with breakfast.

Families often use our service to enable them to enjoy a good night’s sleep or the opportunity to have a whole night out without having to worry about the kids. Our Nannies can be highly flexible on times and duties and will work to family’s individual requirements.

We often have requests for night nannies by parents with young babies. The night nanny is a childcare professional who can support or help you implement an evening and night time routine, they will change the baby, provide night feeds and even organise the baby's washing, ironing, sterilising their equipment and offer expert advice and support. You are able to have a night nanny on a one off basis or regular basis.

Night Nanny’s fees vary depending on roles and responsibilities.

Night Nannies for babies receive £10-£15 per an hour and is paid the same rate all night.

Night Nannies to children receive £8-£12 an hour depending on children’s ages, roles required and children’s sleep routines.

If your child sleeps throughout the whole night we recommend £8-£12 an hour being the waking rate and £50-£75 being the sleeping rate.