Part Time Nanny

At Sunrise Nanny Agency we have many excellent professionals looking for part time nanny positions. A part time nanny is available for just a few hours a week upwards and can be highly flexible on hours and days worked. They can work a few long days or split their working hours over the working week, even offering split shifts.

A part time nanny will be responsible for many aspects of your child’s care and development. You have a huge amount of control over your child’s routine, diet and education. Your child(ren) receive one to one care and attention allowing them to express themselves and reach their full potential. Nanny’s duties vary depending on the families individual requirements and their roles often include; arranging an educational and age appropriate day, providing healthy well balanced nutritious meals, school/nursery drop offs and collections, arranging and taking children to activities, play dates and events, tidying and organising children’s bedrooms/playroom, children’s washing and ironing children clothes and much, much more.

Some families choose a part time nanny as they wish to split their child’s education between nursery and the one to one care and expertise a nanny provides, whilst other families only work part time themselves and therefore only need part time support. Other families require a part time nanny for some me time each week but whatever your requirements, we would be delighted to discuss your family’s individual needs and provide the best suited childcare professional.