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Becoming a Nanny with Sunrise Nanny Agency

Working as a Nanny is a fulfilling job. You are required to have professional childcare experience and a childcare qualification is an advantage. At Sunrise Nanny Agency we understand the importance of finding the right family and we have a range of families throughout Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire looking for a professional nanny like you right now.

Why Choose Sunrise Nanny Agency

• We are owned and run by an NNEB childcare professional who listens to you.

• We are a member of the ANA (Association of Nanny Agencies)

• We are recommended by The Good Nanny Agency Guide and follow their code of practice

• We have families throughout Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire with a variety of different positions.

• We are Best Bear Accredited • We have Nanny Club which enables you to meet other nannies

• We provide full advice on becoming an Ofsted registered nanny

• We provide employers with a contract and comprehensive advice about employing a nanny to ensure they fulfil all legal requirements.

• We support you before and during the time you are employed with the family

• We do not charge an administration fee if a CRB needs to be obtained

• There is no fee for you to join

• Once registered you can also work as an evening babysitter to earn extra money and gain further experience.

• We understand all types of childcare qualifications and the work that was required to obtain your qualification.

• We value you as a professional child carer

How do I register with Sunrise Nanny Agency?

We need you to complete an application form. This can be completed on-line and sent to us electronically now, or download the form and send it back to us via e-mail or post. We like to be green and wish to provide a paper free service however details can be sent in the post if you prefer. Please inform us of your address by e-mailing us.

Once we have received your application form you will be asked to attend an interview This can be done at your convenience in the day, at night or at the weekend. We will require you to provide a minimum of two childcare references, an up to date CV, an Enhanced CRB check (We can complete a CRB check if you do not have an up to date one at the cost of £45), the original and copies of all of your certificates and two forms of identification.

Once we have checked the above information and received two childcare references, we can recommend you for employment as a nanny and will provide families with your information. When the families wish to interview you the agency will arrange a convenient time for this to take place. Interviews normally take place in the family home and a variety of questions are asked to ensure you are the suitable nanny for the family.

Once employment is offered and pay agreed, the Agency will provide the family with a contract. We also provide full information about the families legal responsibilities.

Registering as a home-based carer (Ofsted Registered Nanny)

In April 2007 Ofsted took over the registration of nannies. At Sunrise Nanny Agency we are pleased that nannies are finally recognized as professional form of childcare and are registered by a recognized body. It is not compulsory to become registered although it has many advantages including:-

• Families can use working family’s tax credits to contribute towards your wages

• Families can use employer supported vouchers to contribute towards your wages

•You will receive a higher rate of pay when working as a babysitter for Sunset Babysitting Agency.

We have an increasing number of families asking for an approved or register nanny. Families in these circumstances generally offer the employment to someone who is currently OFSTED registered although they also consider nannies that are applicable to register.

How do I become registered?

To become registered as a home-based carer through the voluntary part of the childcare register you must have:-

• Appropriate childcare qualifications

• Valid first aid certificate

• Appropriate insurance

• You must be caring for one or more children aged from birth to 17, from no more than two families

• Childcare must wholly or mainly take place in the home of one of the children

• Childcare must be for a continuous period of at least two hours in any one day

How will the Verify system work?

Verify is a system which allows people to have their identity checked through their local post office, so that Ofsted can undertake CRB and other relevant checks. When Nannies apply to join the voluntary part of the Childcare Register, Ofsted will send you the appropriate forms and guidance on applying for their CRB check through the post office. They will need you to complete the forms and then take them to the post office with the relevant identity documents, as set out in the guidance. Once post office staff has verified identity, they will send the forms back to Ofsted for us to process.

Nanny insurance

At Sunrise Nanny Agency we recommend that all nannies have insurance. Having insurance provides you with extra protection in the event of an incident, it also provides you with legal advice if required. Ofsted Registered nannies are legally required to have insurance. We recommend Nannyinsure and Morten Michel. Nannies who will be using their car for work purposes and must inform their insurance company.

Nanny Wages

At Sunrise Nanny Agency we recognize that being a nanny is a challenging yet rewarding job. We ensure that the wages families offer, reflect the positions, requirements and number of children. We ensure all Nannies receive above the national minimum wage. Most families provide a net wage when offering employment. This means you will receive the amount stated and the families pay the tax and national insurance on top. If a family quotes a gross wage then tax and national insurance will be taken out of your final salary. We provide comprehensive information to families about employing a nanny and recommend our parents use a professional service to calculate your national insurance and tax. Nannies who Sunrise Nanny Agency have recently introduced receive an average wage of £7 net per hour. We recommend nannies receive between £6 - £10 per hour depending on roles and responsibilities, qualifications and experience. We require you to complete the application form above and return to us via e-mail or post.