Sleep Consultant

Being a sleep deprived mother herself, Carly the agency owner knew how hard it was to function on little sleep. It seems like everyone else’s baby is sleeping through but your little treasure still feels the need to drag you out of bed many times a night!! It doesn’t have to be this way. Sunrise Nanny Agency is now offering a sleep consultancy service.

What is a sleep consultant?

A sleep consultant is a professional who comes into your home and trains your baby to sleep for 12 hours every night. We can do this in just 5 nights using a nurturing and caring method, teaching your baby to sleep throughout the night without bottles, cuddles, rocking etc and enabling the whole family to get sleep and feel human again!

How do I get a sleep consultant?

Our professional sleep consultants will come to your home for an initial visit for a few hours and discuss your baby(s)/Child’s sleep issues and 24 hour routine. They will spend time listening to you and provide you with an individual plan to meet your Childs age, stage of development and sleep concern. If you are comfortable with the plan and wish for the sleep consultant to come to your home, then they will arrange which 5 consecutive nights are most suitable.

Sleep consultants fees

The sleep consultant charge £75 for the initial consultation with the family. Most sleep plans are structured over 5 nights.

10 hours night normally 9pm-7am £120 single babies

12 hour night normally 7am-7pm- £140 single babies

10 hours night normally 9pm-7am-£160 for twins or multiples

12 hour night normally 7am-7pm- £180 for twins or multiples

Please note that times can be flexible for each family’s individual plan and requirements.

Agency fee is £125 paid after initial consultation if family wishes to change their child’s sleep habits.