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At Sunrise Nanny Agency we strongly believe in providing the highest calibre childcare professionals to your home. We have a wide range of professionals available throughout Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire with varied experience in caring for children aged 0-18 years old. Carly our agency owner believes in providing families with peace of mind that every practitioner is relevantly qualified and experienced for each position.

Carly our agency owner personally interviews every candidate. During the interviews Carly checks each candidate has suitable skills, knowledge and experience and are suitable to work with children. She checks all original identification, certificates and ensures they have an up to date CRB check. She checks the candidates’ career history and she obtains a minimum of 2 childcare references, including present and previous childcare employers.

Carly does everything in her power to ensure the professionals Sunrise Nanny Agency are providing are experts in their field with a passion for childcare.

Why Choose Sunrise Nanny Agency

• We are owned and run by an NNEB childcare professional who listens to your needs

• We are a member of the ANA (Association of Nanny Agencies)

• We are recommended by The Good Nanny Agency Guide and follow their code of practice

• There are no charges until we have found you a suitable nanny

• We provide a friendly and efficient service

• We provide continuous professional support throughout the duration of your nanny's employment

• We do not charge extra agency fees to find a replacement nanny if your nanny is unwell or on holiday

• We offer advice on tax, national insurance and becoming an employer

• We also provide a professional evening babysitting service.

• We are highly recommended by our current families click here for testimonials

• We offer home visits to discuss your needs

• We thoroughly check all nannies

• We provide you and your nanny with a contract

• We believe that the home is the best place for your child to be.

Advantages of a Nanny

The government states the advantages of employing a nanny are:-

• Your child can form a close, one to one relationship with their carer in your own home

• Your child has their own toys, books, food and so on, close to hand

• Brothers and Sisters of different ages can be looked after together

• You have a high degree of control over your child’s routine, diet, activities and play environment

• Nannies can offer more flexible hours than other forms of childcare

• Nannies can offer evening babysitting, take sole charge of your child when you're away, or go with you on holiday

• You and your child don't have to travel to a childcare setting

• Your child is cared for in their own community and can easily take part in local clubs and activities

• Nannies can look after your children when your children aren't well.

• You can claim back money on having a nanny

Our Services

Sunrise Nanny Agency offers a wide range of childcare services. Our professionals are available on a permanent, temporary or one off basis; they can work part time, full time, live in your home or come daily. We offer childcare for newborn babies to teenagers .At Sunrise Nanny Agency we recognise that every family has individual requirements and strive to meet them. Further details available on our services page.

The benefit of employing an Ofsted Registered Nanny

Some families can claim back money spent on employing a nanny. In April 2007 Ofsted replaced the former Sure Start Childcare Approval Scheme. Now when employing an Ofsted Registered Nanny, there are two types of financial support available. Working tax credits and employer-supported childcare vouchers. At Sunrise Nanny Agency we offer nannies who are Ofsted registered enabling some families to receive a proportion of your nanny’s salary through tax credits or salary sacrifice scheme. Majority of our nannies are able to register with the scheme. It costs the Nanny £103 a year to register. Some nannies have already registered although many nannies wait to see if a family requires this, in these circumstances, we encourage the family to fund or part fund the cost of the nanny registering.

Employer Supported Vouchers through salary sacrifice

Childcare voucher schemes normally work through salary sacrifice, which means parents can opt to receive childcare vouchers instead of part of your normal salary. Childcare vouchers are free of tax and national insurance for parents and employers. It does not affect your nanny’s salary or the amount of tax and national insurance you pay your nanny. The saving in tax and national insurance is typically worth around £900 a year for basic-rate taxpayers, so families can save around £1,800 a year. Your savings will depend on the amount you earn and the amount of tax you currently pay. You can receive childcare vouchers of up to £55 a week (or £243 a month) from your employer, depending on your earnings. Broadly speaking, basic-rate taxpayers can receive up to £55 a week (or £243 a month), higher-rate taxpayers can receive up to £28 a week (or £124 a month) and additional-rate taxpayers can receive up to £22 a week (or £97 a month). You can pay the nanny the voucher electronically in to their bank account or by cheque.

Working Tax Credits

Working Tax Credits will not be appropriate for many families, however families with joint incomes less than £40,000 a year could benefit. Families can claim up to 70% off the cost of employing a nanny. The maximum you can claim is £175 for one child or £300 for 2 or more children. The amount varies depending on household income. We recommend calling the Tax Credit Help Line on 0845 300 3900 for further advice.

Agency Fees

Our fees are very competitive and worth every penny for peace of mind and ongoing support, the agency provides to both the Nanny and family. Only when you have chosen a successful Nanny, Mother’s Help, Maternity Nurse or Sleep consultant do we take our payment and you do not pay a registration fee. Our fees vary depending on the length of placement.

Families requiring a Permanent Nanny or Mothers Help

Many of our nannies are looking to work for families on a permanent basis. They want to provide long term commitment to you and your child. Helping your child learn progress and develop, having a nanny on a permanent basis provides continuity for your child enabling them to strive and meet there full potential. Nannies can support your family in a variety of ways. As well as providing your children with a stimulating and age appropriate day within the home, they can arrange outings and activities to attend. They are able to take your children to and from school. They can provide your children with a nutritious diet that you have control over. They can help with light house work such as ironing the children's clothes, tidying and cleaning children's bedrooms or walking the dog. Sunrise Nanny Agency Fees Our fees are very competitive and worth every penny for your peace of mind and ongoing support, the agency provides to both the Nanny and family.

Only when you have chosen a successful Nanny or Mother's Help do we take our fee, you do not pay a registration fee.

Permanent Positions 10% of yearly net wage for a Nanny or Mother's Help

Families requiring a Temporary or One off Nanny or Mothers Help

At Sunrise Nanny Agency we understand that there may be many reasons why you require Temporary Childcare. We are committed to providing the exact childcare required.

• You may require a nanny due to having an operation and need the reassurance that your children are safe, happy and well cared for whilst you recover.

• You may wish to have a holiday without the children and want a nanny to care for them so you can relax and enjoy yourself.

• You may have an important meeting or beauty appointment and need a nanny for a few hours.

• We recognise that School Holidays can often be a difficult time to find childcare.

We understand that your children all have different needs which is why our Nannies are flexible and able to work around you and your family. Our nannies are available to work for a few hours on a one off basis, to working full time for a temporary period. Whatever your needs we have a variety of different packages to suit all situations

 Our fees are very competitive and worth every penny for your peace of mind and ongoing support, the agency provides to both the Nanny and family. Only when you have chosen a successful Nanny or Mother's Help do we take our fee, you do not pay a registration fee.

Temporary Nanny, Agency Fees £50 per day (1 day)

Temporary Nanny, Agency Fees £70 per a week (2-7 days)

Temporary Nanny for School Summer Holidays £400 for 6-9 weeks

Regular Temporary Nanny £600 a year Or £50 a month

Families requiring a Maternity Nurse

We are delighted to be providing professional Maternity Nurses to families throughout Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire. All our Maternity Nurses are highly skilled professionals who provide their expert knowledge and experience on a one to one personal basis to families. They are passionate about ensuring baby has the best start in life and offer you full support.

Our fees are very competitive and worth every penny for your peace of mind and ongoing support, the agency provides to both the Maternity Nurse and family. Only when you have chosen a successful Maternity Nurse do we take our fee, you do not pay a registration fee.

Sunrise Nanny Agency Fees Live in Maternity Nurse Rates are £70 per a week.

First 4 weeks paid at the time of booking then additional weeks invoiced on a monthly basis.

For a daily maternity nurse rates are £25 per a day or £70 per a week

Families requiring a Sleep Consultant

  Our sleep consultants change families’ lives. They train your child sleeps throughout the night using a nurturing and caring technique. We do not charge Agency fees for the initial consultation. Agency fees are only paid when a family wishes to use one of our expert sleep consultants to change their child’s sleep habits and regain night time calm to their household.

Agency fee is £125 paid after initial consultation

Registering with Sunrise Nanny Agency

To register please complete the registration form. This can be completed on-line and sent to us electronically or you can download the form and send it back to us via e-mail or post. We wish to be green and provide a paper free service however details can be sent in the post if you prefer. Alternatively call Carly or a member of her dedicated team, who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Once you have registered with Sunrise Nanny Agency we will advertise your position and provide suitable childcare professionals. We will only send Nanny’s, Mothers Helps , Maternity Nurses or Sleep consultants once we are sure they match your every criteria and all checks have been made by us. Potential details can be sent via e-mail or post. Once you have decided which childcare professional you would like to meet we will arrange interviews at an appropriate time to suit you. We also provide you with interviewing techniques and some possible questions.

To Register please complete the above registration form and send it to us via e-mail, post